Engine: CoDRadiant

Team: Infinity Ward

Duration: 2 Years

Maps (MP):

Downpour, Broadcast, Showdown (Original layouts)

Crossfire, Bog, Countdown (Altered SP layouts)

Maps (SP):

Charlie Don't Surf (TV Station), Safehouse / Heat (Half of total geo)

Role (Different on various maps):

Layout; Geo / detail work; Lighting; Gameplay setup (MP); Portaling / Optimization

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Description: I started work on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare at the beginning of the development cycle. The game currently holds a 94% review average on and in addition to winning many awards from developers, critics and fans alike.

"Of the four maps that we tried, Broadcast was probably my personal favorite. It seemed to do a good job of providing players with different outlets to try and get the upper-hand. I never found myself pigeon holed into going the same route over and over and the skylight certainly provided us with plenty of harrowing moments." -, DLC Variety Pack Preview