Engine: CoDRadiant

Team: Certain Affinity

Duration: 6 Months


Banzai, Map Pack 2
Revolution, Map Pack 3

Role (Banzai):

Received at basic blockout; Layout work; Geo / detail work; Gameplay setup; Portaling / Optimization

Role (Revolution):

Layout work; half of Geo / detail work; Gameplay setup; Portaling / Optimization

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Description: I started work on Call of Duty: World at War - Map Pack 2 a few weeks into the development cycle. Certain Affinity was tasked with creating the 3 MP maps for this DLC pack: Banzai, Corrosion and Sub Pens. I was tasked with the map Banzai. Its layout and visuals have been consistently lauded as some of the best in the game to date.

I started on Map Pack 3 from the beginning. This time around, we created 3 more MP maps: Revolution, Breach, and Battery. This map pack hit over 1 million sales in the first weekend. In fact, all 3 World at War map packs sold a total of around 10 million copies and are some of the most well-receieved items of DLC on the 360 and PS3 to date.

"Banzai is my favorite map of the three. They’re all good, mind you, but Banzai is going to be popular because it’s awfully pretty in addition to being a lot of fun."

"I still haven't completely figured out what my favored attack strategy is on Banzai, and I think that's part of why it's so well balanced. You can easily do well on any of a handful of different approaches, meaning that matches will rarely get stale and predictable." -, Map Pack 2 Impressions

"This gorgeous, jungle-themed map is openly acknowledged by developer Treyarch as the most beautiful map in World at War, and for good reason. Its stunning waterfall, tranquil river, and lush detail brings intense warfare in direct conflict with Banzai's natural paradise." -, Map Pack 2 Preview