Engine: idStudio

Team: Battlecry Studios / id Software

Duration: 1 Year


Ritual - Unto The Evil
Molten - Hell Followed
Empyrian - Bloodfall

Role (Ritual):

Received at basic blockout; Layout work; Gameplay setup

Role (Molten & Empyrian):

Layout work; Gameplay setup

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Description: Our team at Battlecry Studios was tasked in late 2015 with co-developing all three multiplayer DLC packs for the award winning DOOM. As Lead Level Designer, I oversaw the development of 9 multiplayer maps - effectively doubling the map content of the game in less than a year.

In addition to managing a team of 2 other level designers and ensuring the consistency of all maps, I also developed 3 of the maps myself - 1 in each DLC pack. These were Ritual for the Unto The Evil DLC Pack, Molten for the Hell Followed DLC Pack, and Empyrian for the Bloodfall DLC Pack. Ritual was based on a pre-existing layout to get things going quickly, but the other 2 were made from scratch.

My level design team worked very closely throughout the process with id Software senior leadership and their environment art team in order to develop content that fit with the vision of their game and hit the gameplay and visual quality bar that the community expected.

"One of the most interesting things about this package is that each of the three new maps are so much better designed than what is in the base game." -, DOOM: Unto The Evil Review

"Finally, you have the maps, and all of them are a blast to play ... This is certainly the best pack thus far and worth picking up." -, DOOM: Hell Followed Review

"Taken alone, the Bloodfall DLC is right up there with Hell Followed in terms of being solid offerings for the 2016 incarnation of Doom. The armor looks nice, the modules are very useful, the weapons and gear are powerful and fun to use, and the maps are all well designed ... It marks a good end to the Season Pass, which has proven its worth for those who are still playing the game." -, DOOM: Bloodfall Review