Engine: Creation Engine

Team: Bethesda Game Studios

Duration: 2 Years

Locations (Major):

Camp McClintock, Dolly Sods Wilderness / Campground, Kerwood Mine, Mama Dolce's Food Processing, Fujiniya Intelligence Base, Sons of Dane Compound, Summersville Docks, Sunnytop Ski Lanes, Tyler County Fairgrounds / Dirt Track, Uncanny Caverns, Watoga Emergency Services, Watoga High School, Wendigo Cave

Locations (Minor):

Appalachian Antiques, Ash Heap Marketplace, Bootlegger's Shack, Landview Lighthouse, Middle Mountain Cabins, Southhampton Estate, Strikers Row, Sylvie & Sons Logging Camp, The Crosshair, US-13C Bivouac, Watoga Transit Hub


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