Engine: 3DSMax / Sapien

Team: Certain Affinity

Duration: 1 Year


Condemned, Defiant Map Pack


2D Layout; 3D Layout; Partial Geo / detail work; Gameplay setup; Portaling / Optimization

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Description: I started work on the Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack at the beginning of the development cycle. I was one of 2 designers originally on the project, and did a large amount of potential 2D layouts for the multiplayer / non-firefight maps. Two were chosen and I took the reins of the space station map that eventually became Condemned - an ambitious all indoors map centered around a deadly low-gravity room.

"Moving from the close-quarters of the control rooms and lab areas to the open central arena gives the map a great balance, and leads to a variety of unique encounters."

"I actually had one of the best multiplayer moments I've ever had on this map during a Free for All Match."

"The layout really lends itself well to ambushes and wild aerial battles in the anti-gravity chamber, especially since there are so many places to hide on the lower level to pick off people flying overhead." -, Defiant Map Pack Hands-On Preview

"The rest of Condemned is a warren of interweaving decks, corridors, and platforms that seem like some of the most intriguing new battle spaces we've seen for Reach." -, Defiant Map Pack Preview

"This is one of the most vibrant multiplayer maps I’ve seen in Halo series so far." -, Defiant Map Pack Hands-On Preview